Friday, 26 October 2012

Couples sensual tantric massage

An erotic sensual tantric massage for couples is meant to help break up the monotony of their sexual lives. Man and woman both, having being married for 10-15 years usually are undergoing a crisis in their intimate relationship, find a solution in arouse eroticism. Young, unmarried couples come also. Basically, everyone can find something in couplse sensual massage.

Those who need sexual diversity, usually are seeking for some new impressions. Age doesn’t matter. Massage is for everyone.

Couples usually prefer young women as their therapists, because females are more delicate and have a tactful massage skills, good-looking and sociable. Also masseuses usually are a good psychologists in order to find the right approach for each couple.
Nervous first-time visitors usually have a special treatment, it is talked over about what will happen during the session or it can be spontaneous and unexpectedly sexy. Our sensual tantric masseuses are available for an outcall or an incall sessions.

They offer aromatic body oils which are believed to enhance the sensitivity of the skin and open the “energy channels.” Candles are lit. Calm music is played. Some wine can be shared to set the moot and ease up the tension.

Couple can have either one or two masseuse for themselves. Sometimes it's better to have two. However some people prefer an intimate session with just one masseuses. There are advantages and disadvantages in this kind of situation.

It is an dvantage to share a shower with a masseus and your lover all together. Afterwards the masseuse will start the session. She will begin to massage a man or woman depending on what a couple desire to do. If there are two masseuses they will do massage at the same time laying the couple close to each other. It is very erotic to see your partner being intimate with masseuse in front of you. Attention is paid to erogenous zones, the couple and their masseus are touching each other, sliding their bodies against each other.

Usually the couple leaves very satisfied, happy because masseuse taught them how to touch each other, what points to caress, what oils to use. So they get both satisfaction and experience. There is no place for jelaouse as well, because your masseus is a professional, and she knows how to satisfy both of you.

An erotic massage for two is a more interesting thing than a session for a single person, because some intrigue comes when one partner watches how another is pleased.
Our massage is, of course, a release of tension and, at the same time, a way around the routine in intimacy, a method to add colors to relationship of man and woman. A married man wants diverse sex but he doesn’t want to betray his wife. So she comes with him and participates in an erotic session. Thus it is not unfaithfulness. Or the other way around, sometimes wife wants to spice up her intimate life. In this kind of situation a third person is not a third weel but a key person.

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